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Program Guide

Local programming

Channel 14.1: Latin Mass Monday-Saturday 12, 5 and 10 pm; Sunday, 5 & 10 pm.

Channel 14.3: St. Michael Broadcasting

EWTN rebroadcast

Channel 14.2: EWTN rebroadcast

Channel 14.4: EWTN rebroadcast

Channel 14.5: EWTN rebroadcast

TV Reception Tips

Channel 14 is a broadcast television channel that is not found on any cable system serving the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, rather it is in the same UHF frequency range as Channels that are broadcasting "digital TV" and should be as easy to receive as any of these other stations received with an UHF antenna for digital TV reception. In some cases "rabbit ears" types of antennas or other similar antennas may work.

When setting up your TV set, the following advice may be helpful.


Most new TVs are shipped with the set in 'Cable Mode'. Be sure to change it to the "Normal" or "Broadcast" mode. Accessing the menu does this. Consult the instruction manual for procedures. Once this is done, you should be able to get Channel 14. Cable subscribers should be able to switch between cable and UHF by using the appropriate button on the remote control and the proper setting on the TV set.

Consult the instruction manual for procedures. Several factors will affect reception:       

  • Geographical location (keep in mind, Channel 14 transmits from the IDS tower in Minneapolis)

  • Location of your TV (apartment building, 1st floor, 2nd floor, basement, etc.)

  • Side of apartment building (north, east, south, or west)

  • Type and age of TV

  • Stucco home. This type of home has wire mesh surrounding the woodwork and its "metal cage" blocks the signal. A roof antenna will improve reception.

Newer TV sets usually have just one 'screw-on jack' or 'coaxial connection'. If you have more than one, attach to the one that says: UHF/VHF connection, or antenna. Older TV sets might have two screws, one for VHF and one for UHF. Also the set might have one screw-on (coaxial connection) and two screws for UHF. The screw-on connection would be for VHS and the two screws for UHF. The type of antenna used is very important. A "bowtie" antenna is recommended and can be purchased at any electronics dealer. Depending on your type of TV, an adapter for connection such as a "reverse balun" or "matching transformer" might be needed. You may also need a "combiner." Ask the clerk at the electronics store.

If poor reception persists, an outside antenna will usually solve the problem, depending on your location.

For questions regarding exterior antenna installation, contact Robin TV: 763-533-1566.

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